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        風道補償器CASE SHOW



        簡介:KFT型耐高溫風道橡膠補償器 High temperature resistant rubber air duct compensator 上海淞江減震器集團有限公司官方網站為您介紹:KFT型耐高溫風道橡膠補償器信息,淞江集團為高溫風機推薦耐高溫型風道橡......

        High temperature resistant rubber air duct compensator

        Shanghai Songjiang absorber group limited official website for your introduction: KFT type high temperature resistant rubber duct compensation information, Songjiang group for high temperature fan recommended high temperature resistant rubber air duct compensator, the highest resistant to high temperature of , the use of silicone rubber production, effectively prevent the fan vibration damage to the chimney.

        KFT型耐高溫橡膠風道補償器 Air duct compensator
        KFT型耐高溫橡膠風道補償器 Air duct compensator
        KFT型耐高溫橡膠風道補償器 Air duct compensator

        Shanghai Songjiang rubber air duct compensator which is made of rubber and fiber fabric composite material, steel flange, steel limit rod, mainly used for flexible connections between the various fan duct, its function is shock absorption, noise reduction, sealing, easy installation, medium resistance and displacement, is a field of environmental protection very good shock absorption, noise, smoke and dust with the best suite.

        1 、風道橡膠補償器具有良好的反復位移 ( 變化 ) 還原性,能在較小尺寸范圍內提供較大的多維方向補償,能較好的消除各種管道安裝連接時產生的多向誤差。
        2 、風道橡膠補償器具有優越的吸聲隔震功能,能有效的減少和消除鍋爐、風機等系統品聲和震動的傳遞。
        3 、橡膠和纖維織無力的傳遞損耗,減少了設計程序,無需增加其它輔助設施。
        4 、橡膠和纖維織及隔熱材料具有較高耐熱和耐腐蝕性能,永不生銹,減少維修費用。
        5 、風道橡膠補償器具有優異的氣密性和柔順性、能保證輸送介質無泄漏和反復位移后恢復原狀。

        1, the air channel rubber compensator has good repeated displacement (change) reducibility, which can provide large multidimensional directional compensation in the smaller size range, and it can eliminate the multi-directional error produced by all kinds of pipeline installation and connection.
        2. The air duct rubber compensator has the superior sound absorption and isolation function, and can effectively reduce and eliminate the transmission of sound and vibration of the system products such as boiler and fan.
        3. The weak transmission loss of rubber and fiber reduces the design procedure and does not need to add other auxiliary facilities.
        4, rubber and fiber fabric and heat insulation materials have high heat resistance and corrosion resistance, never rust, reduce maintenance costs.
        5. The rubber compensator of the air duct has excellent air tightness and flexibility, and it can ensure that the conveying medium has no leakage and restores the original shape after repeated displacement.

        1 、安裝長度由用戶在設計中選定,訂貨時未注明者按 L=350mm 的供貨。
        2 、表中重量按一般安裝長度 L=350mm 計算。
        3 、風道橡膠補償器中間有支撐架,支撐架在安裝前應保持不脫,待螺栓上緊后將其全部打掉,以保證安裝合理,使其各項物理機械性能真正起到作用。

        A brief description of the installation of rubber compensator for air duct:
        1, the length of the installation is selected by the user in the design, and the unmarked order is supplied by the L=350mm.
        2. The weight in the table is calculated according to the general installation length of L=350mm.
        3, the air channel rubber compensator has a support in the middle. The support rack should remain unchanged before installation. After the bolts are tightened up, they will be knocked out to ensure that the installation is reasonable, so that all physical and mechanical properties will really play a role.風道橡膠補償器橡膠材質可以選擇天然橡膠、三元乙丙橡膠、和硅橡膠三種,這三種橡膠耐溫如下:天然橡膠80度以下,三元乙丙橡膠120度以下,硅橡膠200度以下。
        The rubber material of the rubber compensator of the air channel can choose three kinds of natural rubber, three yuan ethylene propylene rubber and three silicone rubber. The three kinds of rubber temperature resistance is as follows: natural rubber is below 80 degrees, three yuan, ethylene propylene rubber is below 120 degrees, and silicone rubber is below .

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