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        螺紋CASE SHOW


        1. DN32絲扣橡膠軟接頭“醫院中央空調風機盤管”

          DN32絲扣橡膠軟接頭“醫院中央空調風機盤管” DN32 threaded rubber soft joint "hospital central a......

        2. DN40絲扣橡膠防震接頭“讓風機盤管安靜下來”

          DN40絲扣橡膠防震接頭“讓風機盤管安靜下來” DN40 thread rubber shock resistant joint "let the f......

        3. DN50絲扣橡膠撓性接頭“暖通空調”

          DN50絲扣橡膠撓性接頭“暖通空調” DN50 wire buckle rubber flexible joint "fire protection" 上海......

        4. DN65絲扣橡膠軟連接“螺紋由任活接”

          DN65絲扣橡膠軟連接“螺紋由任活接” DN65 buckles rubber soft connection "thread by live connect......

        5. DN80絲扣橡膠接頭“由任軟連接”

          DN80絲扣橡膠接頭“由任軟連接” DN80 buckle rubber joint "by the soft connection" 上海淞江減震......


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